Wild Smoked

Wild Smoked celebrates the joy of hand crafted smoked food. They care deeply about the environment and about food. Their products are caught, hunted or crafted using traditional and sustainable methods that allow the natural world to continue to thrive around us; and this is the essence the design strives to capture. As well as the branding I’ve also created the packaging for them.

“Choosing Rose to work with us on our start-up business was one of the best decisions that we made. She had an uncanny knack of understanding exactly the look and feel that we wanted. The work that she delivered didn’t just meet our expectations but was in fact was much better than we thought possible. Her service also included all the logistical and technical parts to the project that we had not even considered. Most importantly for our start-up business - and for this we will be ever grateful - Rose was sensitive to our budget and managed to work wonders within it.”

Ross Waters, Founder, Wild Smoked.