Trebah Gardens

For the product design I did for Trebah I wanted the spirit of the gardens to come through. That’s why I looked at incorporating ferns, bamboo and the carp; all iconic elements a visitor to Trebah will remember. The first products I created the designs for were some of the food products they sell like biscuits and chocolate, and this was where the influence for the colour palette came from.

“Having completed a re-branding exercise some 2/3 years ago, we were very keen to enhance and extend our Trebah product range. We had searched for some time before deciding on Rose as she offered a really inspiring choice of design options - She really found the right formula to encapsulate and represent the key elements of Trebah in an appropriate and attractive design. We have since 2012 been rolling out the range of products using this design from biscuits and confectionery to linen bags and tea towels with more to come.”

Nigel Burnett, Director, Trebah Gardens.