Helford River Cottages

I work with Helford River Cottages to help produce their annual brochure, working collaboratively with them to create the final product. This involves everything from the design of the brochure itself to finding the right stock of paper to print it on. The brochures promote the area and market the destination as well as marketing the cottages themselves.

“I have worked for several years with Rose, mainly on print media - for our holiday cottage brochure. As an arty type, I like to do a lot of the initial imagery myself, then bring it to Rose in a jumble of poorly labelled scans and a sheaf of loose papers, and she is extremely patient in interpreting my vision onto a computer. I find her patient, great at understanding what I’m trying to achieve, and able to work to tight deadlines. It takes an artist to work with an artist, and I really appreciate her skills.”

Vicky Harford, Vicky’s Bread / Helford River Cottages.