Fraser's Fish & Chips

After the success of the Harbour Light’s re-brand I was asked to help Pete Fraser with the branding for his new restaurant. One of the most exciting aspects of this project was starting completely from fresh and building the brand from the ground up. This also involved the interior design of the restaurant itself which is an extension and echo of the branding I created for them.

We wanted the brand, like Harbour Lights, to celebrate fish and chips. We captured this with the bright colours and the fun that comes through in the illustrations.

"What fun we have had! Working on the blank canvass of Fraser’s with Rose has been a blast. From the wacky, to the tiniest detail Rose has brought the freshest of ideas with her to all aspects of the project. It starts with amazing listening, creative and design know-how and delivery of print, on-line, interior design and that has exceeded our expectations every-time. Rose is a true professional understanding the balance between delivering a project on time and within budget with the patience of a saint - priceless."

Pete Fraser, Fraser's Fish & Chips, Penzance.